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Frequently Asked Questions | NE Sheds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place my shed directly on my lawn?
We highly discourage placing a new shed directly on the bare ground or grass. A properly prepared shed pad is worth its cost many times over. Your shed will need to be level to allow doors and windows to function properly, not to mention undue stress that is put on the structure when it is placed on an uneven surface. Improper slope and contact with the dirt can lead to moisture problems, rot and decay.

Do you do site prep for my shed?
We currently do not offer site prep services. Check with your local dealer for references to a site prep pro in your area.

Can I use concrete blocks for a shed foundation?
Very small sheds can often be placed on concrete block pilings without significant issues. Be aware blocks tend to settle and you may have to re-level your shed over time. We strongly recommend a crushed stone or concrete pad for larger sheds.

How high should a shed be off the ground?
Ideally you will want the floor of your shed to be 4”-6” inches off the ground. This will help prevent moisture accumulation around the bottom of the structure. A crushed stone pad or a concrete pad will provide a firm base that allows the shed to have adequate space between the floor and the ground.